Helping you move from survive to THRIVE

with powerful psychotherapies to heal from trauma or loss, cultivate self-acceptance and build secure relationships

Individual counselling in Peregian Springs
Sunshine Coast

Supporting you in a safe environment where you can address personal issues or loss.

Are you suffering from anxiety, depression or have relationship problems? Is it too hard to cope with your loss alone?

Swan Counselling

Counselling Treatments


Loss and Grief

You don’t need to go through grief and bereavement unsupported. I’ll help you find ways to reconnect to your own strengths and live mindfully and present.


Individual Therapy

As a professional counsellor, I'll help you work through your problems and help you become more resilient so you can thrive, not just survive.


Relationship Counselling

Suitable for couples, partners and parents who require help with ongoing, unresolved interpersonal conflicts and dealing with difficult times.

I can help you

Do you want to live a life with purpose and intention?

Respecting your uniqueness

This is how I can help you

By selecting from a range of effective, trauma-sensitive therapies to meet your needs I help you understand how to change past-rooted behaviours or dynamics and make way for more secure relationships with yourself, the people around you and the world.

You will experience how compassion transforms your fears into courage and helplessness into supportive action.

If you’re bereaved or had losses through major life changes I invite you to engage in my Resilient Grieving therapy.

Swan Counselling Clients


Anita is a compassionate person and intensely interested in the well being and recovery of others. – J. H.

I have been seeing Anita for 4 months and it has made a remarkable difference to my self-esteem and ability to cope with challenging situations. Anita is very attentive and has a great awareness of my particular needs. I love the fact that we do practical work during sessions because having guidance when practising skills helps me to quickly grasp the concept and apply it successfully in my daily life. Anita’s kind, compassionate approach creates a safe space for me to open up and deal with difficult issues. I look forward to continuing our work together and becoming my authentic self. – C. O.

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