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Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy

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Anita Balogh

Internal Family Systems Therapy Practitioner (Level 2)

Registered Counsellor (MACA)

Individual counselling in Peregian Springs
Sunshine Coast

Transformative support in an emotionally safe environment where you can rebuild your relationships inside and out.

Could this be the time for you to re-consider your relationships? I don’t just mean with the people around you, but the internal relationships between the parts of you inside.

I see the transformative power of Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy in my clients every time when I guide their self-exploration. I witness them deepen  their understanding about self-judgement, shame, perfectionism, addictive, or self-sabotaging behaviours.

If you want to calm your inner chaos or break free from rigidity, you’re at the right place. Seeking counselling is a decision that comes from taking responsibility. It is also a sign that the parts of you who hope for change are now gathering strength.

I am an Internal Family Systems L2 practitioner, trained by the IFS Institute. In my private practice, Swan Counselling in Peregian Springs, I use trauma-informed, bottom-up therapies to guide you to uncover the origins of your difficulties. This often takes us back to mis-attuned caregiving you may have experienced in your own childhood, that we may call relational or developmental trauma.

You might not have thought about grieving as an important part of healing from the past. It is though. As you witness with openness what you had been through, and make sense of the experiences that shaped you, grief will emerge. I will be with you to help you hold it.

Swan Counselling - Peregian Springs

Counselling Treatments


Loss and Grief

Don’t grieve alone, unsupported. I’ll help you reconnect with life that has changed but doesn't need to stop. Learn to live mindfully with your loss and be compassionately present with yourself.


Individual IFS Therapy

I'll help you reach the root of your problems and heal from the past so you can create empowered choices to bring change and purpose into your life.


Relationship Counselling

Suitable for couples, partners and parents who require help with ongoing, unresolved interpersonal conflicts and dealing with difficult or transitional times.


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Explore the transformative power of IFS with a Level 2 practitioner

Find safety, acceptance and compassion inside and out

I welcome and respect all your parts

This is how I can help you

By selecting from a range of trauma-informed, expressive, body-mind focused therapies I can help you make sense of what has been going on inside you and why you have been feeling unsafe or disconnected. My overarching aim is for you to lead your life from your Self, not from fear, and find your purpose. Use compassionate courage instead of the self-critical threats that you might have been imposing on yourself for too long.

One of the most effective, evidence-based psychotherapies I use in counselling, in my Sunshine Coast practice or online, is Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS). You develop trust between parts of your inner world and your Self. We witness the pain and struggle of your exiled, vulnerable parts and befriend the protective ones that manage your life. If you want to hear more about this transformative therapy before making an appointment, I invite you to make a discovery call. You can also gain insight from the experiences of some of my clients.

I believe people need to be heard and accepted rather than fixed, managed or solved. We got hurt in relationships, we heal in relationships too. I offer the first of the safe and healing relationships: the therapeutic one.

If you’re bereaved or suffered losses through major life changes I invite you to engage in my Resilient Grieving therapy.

Swan Counselling Clients


“This time I am not writing to book an appointment but to thank you for  the work we did in the ‘recent’ past. I reached an amazing level of personal confidence and life is not a ’struggle’ anymore. Navigating through life has become a great joy and I can’t explain how nice is to listen and talk to my self in a positive and ealthy way. How nice is it  TO GET TO KNOW MY SELF!

I wanted to express gratitude for your help to get me going to this direction and give me instruction on how to ‘navigate’ in life. 
Thanks a lot.”

“Anita is the first person in my life to truly HEAR me and understand what was previously not being witnessed, acknowledged, supported and validated. She is remarkably gifted in what she does, creating a safe space alongside her beautiful, caring, nurturing approach of integration. I am forever grateful. To be heard completely for the first time in my life ~ at 45 was profoundly new for me. Life changing Xx”

“I would highly recommend Anita’s counselling services to anyone in need. She offers a relaxed, nonjudgmental & supportive space. It’s very evident that she truly desires to assist the needs of others with her counselling skills & knowledge. She shows genuine compassion, caring & understanding. Thank you Anita”

“Thank you so much Anita. I have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with you (despite the tears!) and really felt value from the experience. I really like your approach and methods.”

“I can be on my own with my feelings better than before, I use to bottle it all up, so it’s great to be able to try and deal with this all so I do not end u where I was previously.”

“What I really wanted to say was thank you, as you indeed did catch me. You did also listen in a way that made me feel very much seen and heard, as on your face I also saw my pain reflected and it had a huge effect on me. I could never express how much and how important it was to me. I felt very touched too when I read your note as you can see many sides to me and give me so much hope, which has been in short supply lately. Thank you Anita”.

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