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Anita Balogh - Swan Counselling difference: Trauma-informed
Compassionate Neuroscience based

Tailored to each individual client

Provided in safe privacy in my Peregian Springs practice I offer my clients evidence based treatment modalities aiming to heal trauma often caused by - but rarely noticed - attachment injuries.

Science based

All therapies are supported by the latest research in neuroscience. As a trauma-informed counsellor I see, acknowledge and strive to heal interpersonal trauma wounds that may for others seem like 'disorders' or 'maladaptive coping mechanisms'.

Knowledge and Experience

My compassion, passion for professional development and years of experience in crisis support and clinical setting allows me to support my clients in overcoming the often devastating effects of adverse childhood experiences or chronic interpersonal conflicts.

I believe we must respect and accept ourselves in order to fully accept and love others. We can only do this when we feel safe.

Many practitioners take a top-down approach: change your thoughts you will change your behaviour.

I believe that a bottom-up approach is more effective for most people, especially for those who suffered trauma. Emotional pain is held in our body and amplified by the inability of our nervous system to make sense of it. I ensure that during our sessions your emotions, not just thoughts, are seen, heard, and then integrated.

Informed by the Polyvagal Theory, I take a body-mind approach for all psychotherapies, with the goal of my clients feeling safer in the world by the end of each session. So they will be able to tap into this new, felt, experience outside of therapy, in their life.

Because each client is different, there is no one-size-fit-all approach that can be taken in a counselling session. For this reason I blend a variety of therapeutic modalities to create a personalised program for each client. These modalities include:

The Difference that Compassion makes

When we realise that throughout our lives our body and nervous system protected us best they could and the ‘disorders’ are not our faults or weaknesses, we can then apply the power of compassion to heal and thrive. The power of compassion being the capacity to be present with what is and act in a self-supportive way.

Swan Counselling Treatments

Individual Therapy

Working through your problems is easier if there is a compassionate, caring person who supports you along the way. A professional counsellor can tailor specific psychotherapeutic methods to your individual needs, so your ability to heal, live and connect with self-acceptance and confidence is much bigger.

Whether you survived trauma, notice signs of emotional chaos or have an internal voice that is beating you up, Individual Counselling will provide you with insights into your personality shaped by your attachments. Together we’ll work on re-establishing the sense of safety in you that was lost.

If you choose to thrive not just survive go to the Contact page to make an inquiry. It will be my privilege to guide you on your self-discovery and transformation.

From Loss to Resilient Grieving

Grief is a way of loving that which is slipped from us. It isn’t  a feeling that will pass. Grief stays – we become practitioners of it.

If you find yourself numb and helpless as you grieve, or overwhelmed by life transitions, you need to know that you are not alone. Nor should you need to go through grief and bereavement unsupported. During Grief Counselling you’ll find ways to reconnect to your own strengths. Learn to allow yourself to receive and offer (self-)care. Experience how self-compassion and simple strategies to live mindfully in the present moment can help you through your painful journey.

If you want to start to live with grief with purpose make an appointment now.

Navigating Relationships

Being in relationships where showing our emotions is not safe because they are not understood or are ignored can lead to disappointment and resentment. In relationship counselling you learn how to be present, how to maintain healthy boundaries, and break free from negative cycles.

If you have children and want to give them the best chance to become emotionally strong, sensitive and calm adults, think about the impact that unhappy, stressed out or emotionally walled-off parents can have on them. Investing in your relationships is an investment in their future.

If you want to (re)build safe and intimate relationships contact Anita now.

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