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Anita Balogh
Internal Family Systems (IFS) Practitioner L2
ACA Registered Counsellor

Anita Balogh - Swan Counselling
Values and Mission

I work with women and men who feel overwhelmed, experience high levels of stress and painfully judge themselves. Many may act in what most supporting professionals call maladaptive ways or practice self-limiting avoidance. Through the lens of IFS (Internal Family Systems), I see their well-meaning parts offering solutions for relational injuries they experienced earlier in life.

I am deeply committed to helping my clients understand and shift past-rooted, counterproductive patterns of behaviours or thinking that prevent them from finding fulfilment in life and joy in relationships.

When we acknowledge that these thoughts, beliefs and behaviours played an important self-protecting role in childhood, my clients can develop self-compassion and begin a transformative journey in their relationships within themselves and the world.

I have years of experience supporting adults and adolescents. I bring a trauma-informed, attachment-focused, bottom-up approach to the treatment of – what is commonly diagnosed as – depression, anxiety, addiction, mood disorders, complex PTSD, and parental or relationship issues. I encourage my clients to dismiss the labels and the idea that they have a disease. Instead, notice that their minds are in dis-ease. Learning how to ease this tension will significantly improve how they feel and engage with life. Internal Family Systems therapy has long proven that this non-labelling, compassionate approach makes inner transformation possible.

I believe that my holistic, bottom-up approach combined with cutting-edge therapies (which go beyond traditional talking therapies) help my clients transform their sense of self. In this process they become more self-led, instead of living from their fearful parts – as we phrase this in IFS.

I advocate and practice the well-researched benefits of mindfulness and meditation for improving our well-being. My special interests are in neuroscience, Memory Reconsolidation, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and current models of Somatic and Expressive therapies.

Regular professional development and trainings enable me to bring the most effective and current evidence based interventions to my clients. My mission is to share insights with a wider audience, of the research on trauma, its impact on our brain and body and the prospects of recovery.

I am a member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA), and as such subject to regular professional supervision. 

My typical Sunshine Coast day starts early with exercise, yoga, or a beach walk. I also enjoy cooking and hiking and am fascinated by birds.

I’m a mother, wife, entrepreneur, and author who has lived and worked in several European countries. I bring a breadth of life experience into counselling.

I take part in the interactions that we call therapy as someone open to learn and grow, open to give and receive.

I am your therapist, and you are my client. Together, we access places of deep healing and self-connection.

Anita Balogh at Swan Counselling


  • Internal Family Systems Therapy Level 2 Practitioner
  • Diploma in Counselling – Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors
  • Certificate in SAFE-T® (Somatic Attachment Focused Expressive Therapy®)
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Masters of Arts with Majors in English and Hungarian
  • ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training)
  • Accredited Telephone Crisis Supporter (Lifeline)
  • Accredited Community Recovery Officer (UnitingCare)


  • Member of the Australian Counselling Association
  • Psychology Today verified registered counsellor

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