The gift of psychotherapy and counselling

These testimonials from my former and present clients give me so much hope and purpose in my counselling and psychotherapy. The gift that keeps giving, my main resource is the Internal Family Systems model. It guides my own life and work.

In my clients’ own words – testimonials

“Anita is the first person in my life to truly HEAR me and understand what was previously not being witnessed, acknowledged, supported and validated. She is remarkably gifted in what she does, creating a safe space alongside her beautiful, caring, nurturing approach of integration. I am forever grateful. To be heard completely for the first time in my life ~ at 45 was profoundly new for me. Life changing Xx”


“When I went looking for a counsellor, I had a very specific criteria – I wanted someone offering IFS and attachment modalities that could keep up with me… I needed to find someone who’d stay one step ahead of me. What a delight it was to discover Anita of Swan Counselling.

… Anita helped alleviate that apprehension from her very first email communication. From her response I could see she had read my initial email in such depth that she was already seeing parts of me without ever having spoken. I knew I’d found my person, a feeling that grew every one of the 20 or so times we met over the following 12 months.

… She’s helped me bring curiosity and compassion to each and every part we’ve met. She’s helped me comfort the parts that were stuck in hurt and repurpose others for new, exciting and constructive purposes. Session by session I slowly began to release myself of the depression that had begun to consume me and meet my true self beyond my parts.
Thank you, Anita, for being a soft place for me to land and for being so accepting, nurturing and empowering always.”

“I will always be incredibly grateful to you for introducing IFS to me! It’s been life changing. I always enjoyed your presence and working with you.”


“Thank you for our sessions, they were really great, a good eye opener to things I haven’t realised previously. What I like is that, every time I have those realisations, it’s always something really “simple” but meaningful you say.”


“Thank you Anita, our last session felt like a good celebration of growth!”


“I have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with you (despite the tears!) and really felt value from the experience. I really like your approach and methods.”


“I can be on my own with my feelings better than before, I used to bottle it all up, so it’s great to be able to try and deal with this all so I do not end up where I was previously.”


“Thank you, as you indeed did catch me. You did also listen in a way that made me feel very much seen and heard, as on your face I also saw my pain reflected and it had a huge effect on me. I could never express how much and how important it was to me. You give me so much hope, which has been in short supply lately.”


“Just wanted to send a message and thank you for being so gentle with us (my parts – clarified by Anita) today. Everyone was feeling a lot before and you calmed them all, you have an ability with them I do not have yet and I’m so grateful for that.”


“Anita is a compassionate person and intensely interested in the well being and recovery of others.”


“Thank you so much for all your amazing support, compassion and advice. You have helped me more than I could express in words on this journey of grief, self knowledge and change.”

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