Relationship Counselling

Swan Counselling delivers relationship counselling for individuals, couples, and families in safe privacy in Peregian Springs on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

We learn who we are in relationships even in today’s increasingly individualistic society. We learn to love or not to love ourselves in relationships with our parents or caregivers. Love is interactive. As a therapist, I am guided by this relational perspective on life.

The main ingredients for life are self-awareness and interaction with others who let us see who we are. 

Relating to others as parents, partners, or friends is how we are shaped.

My experience (and findings of the Polyvagal Theory) has shown that we also need to listen to our own body’s responses, and be present with the responses of others. Our human brains are constantly co-regulating or creating feelings of threat or safety.

The main ingredients for good relationships are good communication and healthy boundaries – but there is more. I will help you mindfully deepen your presence and grow the trust in yourself that is necessary to connect with others.

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Relationship Counselling provided by Swan Counselling is suited to couples, partners, and parents who experience:

  • ongoing, unresolved interpersonal conflicts
  • feeling trapped or at a tipping point
  • facing big decisions or life transitions
  • feeling judged or controlled
  • difficulties in parenting  as a single parent
  • behavioural problems with children at the time of separation or divorce

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