Information on disclosure and your privacy

I, Anita Balogh, at Swan Counselling will document information relevant to your ongoing treatment. Your information and all your personal details are handled with utmost confidentiality. To safeguard your privacy, notes taken by me during or after our sessions do not include your personal identification details and, therefore are anonymous. All information collected is appropriately secured to prevent unauthorized access.

Exceptions to this would be if:

  • - a subpoena is received from a court of law.
  • - you express an intent to harm someone else.
  • - you express that someone else intends to harm you.
  • - you disclose you have committed a crime.
  • - a child is at risk of harm.

For you to receive the best treatment, I may need to review the progress of your treatment with my supervisor. This will be done in a way to ensure continuous privacy and respecting the confidentiality of all information gathered. Hence no identifiable personal information (such as full name, date of birth, address etc.) will be disclosed in these instances.

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