Loss & Grief

While we often think of ‘grief’ as the result of losing someone through death, there are many other types of grief which can cause immense pain and affect us in profound ways. For instance, you may be going through a relationship breakdown, job redundancy, business failure, or deteriorating health. Grieving is the inherent and inevitable reaction to all these losses.

At least one stage in our lives, we will all experience loss, grief, or bereavement. If, however, it interferes with our everyday functioning, it can prevent us living a full life.

I facilitate Resilient Grieving Therapy techniques using self-compassion strategies to grow your capacity to commit to care and show up for yourself. I walk you through the ways that will let you consciously allow in support. We also find ways to acknowledge and accept the inherent pain in both grief and love. I like using Expressive Therapy to experience this and creatively  integrate it.

feeling sad and counselling

Resilient Grieving Therapy may be beneficial for you if you are feeling:

  • numb, heavy, broken, or sad
  • emotionally isolated, lonely, helpless
  • purposeless, see no future, no goal
  • guilt or shame
  • unable to concentrate or take care of yourself
    unable to sleep, eat, or stop crying
  • that no one understands you or your feelings

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