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In a crisis or an emergency situation, call “000” or Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Anita Balogh - trauma-informed Counselling

Given what it was like growing up, all things stood up against or for you and what you know about yourself:

Does it make sense that you are struggling now?

It was never your fault and you are not faulty. Give yourself the support you never had before.


I conduct my counselling sessions face-to-face in a safe and compassionate environment in Peregian Springs, on the Sunshine Coast. Online counselling sessions are also available.


No GP referral is needed. This means that I am free to offer a combination of therapies that will support you the best, not the one that is covered by rebates.

Main Modalities

SAFE-T® - Somatic Attachment Focused Expressive Therapy
Internal Family Systems
Compassion Focused Therapy

I use a bottom-up approach to therapy because I strongly believe nothing works better. Trauma or attachment injuries can be found in the background for most of my clients’ issues, even if they weren’t aware of it.

My trauma-informed, body-mind centred, holistic approach attends these underlying issues at the core. Therefore through gaining deeper self-awareness, you will start to see yourself in a different light.

After each session, we review how your therapy is progressing and make adjustments if necessary. You will always have the opportunity to give me feedback – after all, this process is about you, and no one else.

The length of the counselling process and the frequency of your sessions will depend on your unique needs and circumstances.

Swan Counselling Fees

An individual counselling session lasts 60 minutes and the $90 fee may be paid at the time of the session in cash or after the session by EFT. Relationship counselling sessions are an hour long and attract a $120 fee.

No rebates are available for my counselling sessions. You will not need a mental health plan with it’s possible negative consequences in the future.

Our friendly cat, Toffee, may be close by, so if you are allergic to cats or don’t like them, please let me know so I can lock her away.

The length of the counselling process and the frequency of your sessions will depend on your unique needs. Your healing will start once you feel being seen and understood in our therapeutic relationship. Research consistently shows that the outcome of one’s healing journey hinges on the quality of this relationship.

Counselling room in Peregian Springs
Swan Counselling, Peregian Springs. Trauma-informed, Body-mind focused, Expressive Therapy

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